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Emilia Wieding

Documentary filmmaker


Emilia Wieding has started her career as a journalist at the music university in Karlsruhe, Germany. She began filming portraits about musicians and conducting interviews. Soon, she discovered her passion for documentary film but also shifted her focus on politics, human and women’s rights. She started studying TV journalism at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. That's when she’s started portraying people who are fighting against injustice.


Wo ist mein Safe Space?

Charlotte's, Nicole's and Yasmins life is a dizzying array of exhausting undertakings—from giving testimony before the Bundestag. to soul-bearing media interviews and one-on-one meetings with top government officials. With deep compassion and a formal precision and elegance that matches the women's calm and steely demeanor, we follow this strong-willed young women, who live under systematic racism  and are now activists to become a relentless beacon of hope for her people, even when at times she longs to lay aside this monumental burden and simply have an ordinary life.

Can Buy Me Love

"Can Buy Me Love" touches on a sensitive topic: prostitution. There are many opinions about it. Is it fighting the patriarchy or is it reinforcing it? The people asked are usually sex workers themselves or social workers. But this time clients are asked for their opinion. Because they want to stay anonymous they are covered with a silhouette that is representing their emotional world. These three men are sharing their experiences, views and reasons for going to a brothel. 


Ciarra Lambert aka Queen Jo is a multi-faceted hip-hop artist from Philadelphia, who has the courage to fight for women’s rights within the same scene that degrades them on a daily basis. She shares her views and opinions through the lyrics of her music and takes the battle against unequal judgment of women. In a very early stage of her life, she began to realize that society was treating girls differently. By the time she was in high school she started writing rap lyrics. Even though she was rejected from a label, saying her music is not ‚suitable‘ because it was feminist rap, she never gave up spreading her word. 

White Red Only

Hacen is muslim and lives in Poland. Jozefa is christian and has lived in Poland all her life. She's afraid of muslims while Hacen is starting to be afraid to live in Poland since the right Conservative party PiS took over in 2015. How do they feel about each other? 

All inclusive? Beruf und Behinderung

How easy is it to get a job in Germany, if you're handicapped? This short documentary accompanies Oskar, a dancer and Mr. Kampermann, a priest in their professions. They share their experiences and hardships that they've faced .

Dancehall Ah mi Everyting

Emilia went to Jamaica to find out about a music genre that is heard more and more on the radio. But nobody really knows where it comes from. Dancehall. It's not just music. It's dancing, lifestyle - it's a whole culture. Many commercial artist from the US get inspired by the music and imitate it. It's important to know the roots and every critical fact about it.

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